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Visiting the Great Wall is a delightful must for the first-time visitors to Beijing China. The Great Wall was built in different times and dynasties, largely constructed in the three dynasties – Qin Dynasty (221 B.C to 206 B.C); Han Dynasty (206 B.C.– 220 A.D ) and Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D - 1644 A.D). The most powerful Yuan Dynasty (1271 A.D - 1368 A.D) and the last Qing Dynasty (1644 A.D - 1911 A.D) did nothing about the building of the Great Wall since they were "barbarians" against whom the Great Wall of China had been built.

We offer a full range of Great Wall Tours including Great Wall Sightseeing (1-2 hour walk on the wall), Great Wall Hike (3-4 hour hike). Ready? let's start!

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  • Senthil kumar
    I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Jack for his personalized service. The kind welcome, timing and courtesy extended by Mr Jack was way behind my expectations. I also lucky to have his assistance Ms Summer together with us for whole 2 days trip.
  • Howard M
    Excellent tours at great prices. Our guide Jenny couldn't have been better. Spending time with her was the best possible way to see the sights in Beijing. At just slightly more than the cost of a large group tour the individual tour is really the only way to go in busy overcrowded Beijing!