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One Day Beijing Private Tour Of Old Beijing Hutong‍‍

Do you want to visit the former residence of Mr.Mei Lanfang,the best known Beijing Opera master ever,the greatest artist the world,founder of one of the three greatest acting methods created by Shakespeare Stanislavsky and Meilanfang.Then you should plan one day Beijing Tours of old Beijing Hutong.Many famous operas and dramas are based on the themes of the life in the hutongs,and a drama by the Beijing People's Art Theatre,such as "Teahouse" or "Small Hutong" in the evening would complement a visit there.

The word "hutong" with the meaning of narrow lanes was formed during the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century when the Mongols,led by Genghis Khan,occupied Beijing,then thecapital of the Jin Dynasty.In 1260 Kubla Khan,grandson of Genghis Khan,established the Yuan Dynasty. Kubla Khan chosed Beijing as his capital 1264.Like streets,hutongs have their names.Some have had only one name since their establishment and others have had a few names throughout their history.Beijing was once a consumer city. A lot of hutong names are linked to the names of food.Beijing Hutongs are a type of narrow streets or alleys,commonly associated with northern Chinese cities,most prominently Beijing.In Beijing,hutongs are alleys formed by lines of siheyuan,traditional courtyard residences.

You will go around those existent hutongs either by richshaw or on foot on our arranged hutong tour.You must not miss Dongxijiaominxiang,Yichidajie,Lingjing Hutong,Qianshi Hutong,Jiuwan Hutong,Sanmiaojie Hutong.You can also vist the local family to experience dumpling culture,Chinese paper cutting,Chinese Knot making,etc.